Sleeping Recliner Chair: Get a Better Sleep Tonight

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Sleeping Recliner Chair

A sleeping recliner chair is often a great alternative for elderly, disabled, or injured folks who have certain medical conditions that don’t mesh well with sleeping in a bed.

However, some of you may not even have a medical condition and just prefer sleeping in a recliner chair.

I know I do, and if I had to choose my favorite sleeper recliner, it would have to be the Catnapper Burns. It’s hands down the best chair to sleep in. You’ll find my review down below, so keep reading.

In our nursing homes, my wife and I care for a handful of residents that prefer to sleep in their recliner rather then their bed.

I myself have been known to doze off in our recliner from time to time and I seem to have less back pain then when I wake up in bed. However, my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I made that regular thing.

We’ve taken on the chore to find the best sleeping recliner chair for you. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for certain features, you will find what you’re looking for on this page. If you don’t, please send us a message and we’ll try to help you out.

Best Recliners for Sleeping

The Best Sleeper Chairs Learn More About These Sleep Recliners

The Perfect Sleep Chair

Catnapper Burns Recliner

Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

Prevent Conditions with a Sleep Recliner

Below are some of the conditions that a sleeping recliner chair can minimize or prevent altogether. You will find that most of these conditions occur often among the older generation, but can also benefit most people suffering from these conditions:

1. Acid reflux

Acid reflux is caused by the stomach acid going into the esophagus causing pain. When a person remains seated, the acid stays in the stomach.

2. Heart failure

This is also another vital reason why you might need a recliner chair. Heart failure is a common problem especially for the elderly. People have breathing problems when lying flat since they tend to gasp for breath in this position.

3. Sleep apnea

This disease causes pauses in breathing at night. Sleep apnea is mostly caused by being overweight whereas excess weight decreases the airway size when lying down. Using sleep apnea chair could help.

4. Back pain

This is also another reason why someone tries sleeping on a recliner chair. Sleeping while seated reduces the back pain since your body is not fully stretched.

5. Heartburn

By sleeping in a recliner chair, a person can decrease the level of heartburn at night. This will provide a more restful sleep.

Best Sleeping Recliner Chairs With Lift

While basic recliner chairs are likely to provide a good night’s sleep, along with health and comfort benefits, a recliner chair that also doubles as a lift chair is ideal for elderly and disabled patients that have difficulty standing up on their own. If you’re considering sleep recliners with lift capabilities there are 3 we recommend, based on different criteria.

The Perfect Sleep Chair Review

* Best of the Best *

sleep recliner chair
check price and availability on
It’s hard to miss, but the name says it all. The Perfect Sleep Chair has everything you want (and need) in a sleeping recliner chair. One customer has even named it the Cadillac of recliner chairs. This sleep chair recliner does have a hefty price tag, but some things are just worth the extra money, especially when it’s manufactured in the USA and includes every bell and whistle you can ever hope for. This is the case with the Perfect Sleep Chair.

Not only does this chair lay flat, but it will also help you stand up. The mechanism will give you momentum as it goes forward and help you get up on your feet efficiently. It’s a fully reclining chair bed and lift chair in one.

The quality of the material is top notch. Traditional leather can be quite tough and unforgiving, but the leather on the perfect sleeper is softer and more durable than other brands on the market. You will not be disappointed. The benefit of leather over a material like microfiber is easy clean up. This chair also comes in 5 colors for those with certain tastes or room decor to match.

Loaded with all the bells and whistles!

There is one feature some chairs seem to miss and that is an adjustable heat function. Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the perfect sleep chair has everything you want. Including an adjustable heat function in both the seat and back that will keep you warm and toasty.

And for those of you who want to relax and take tension away from your body’s aches and pains, you’ll be glad to know there’s also an adjustable massage feature as well. This won’t be a deep tissue massage, but rather gentle relaxation.

It’s also worth mentioning that this sleep chair recliner is easy to control and the foot rest and back move separately. It also has a battery back up in case the power goes out, so you won’t be stuck in the chair waiting frantically for the power to be restored.

My biggest takeaway with the perfect sleeper is their customer service and what they call white glove delivery. They will deliver the chair to your home, bring it in the house, and set it up exactly where you want it to go. They will even take away the packaging material on their way out the door. You don’t have to lift a finger.

One happy customer even mentioned their chair arrived early which is always welcomed and another said the delivery team was friendly and helpful. I’m always willing to pay more when customer service is a priority, and it seems like the people at Perfect Sleep Chair know how to please their customers.

To see the price and to learn more about the perfect sleep chair, click here.

Catnapper Burns Recliner Review

* Best Value Recliner *

catnapper recliner

check price and availability on

I love the name of this chair…Catnapper. And from the reviews I’ve seen, it lives up to the name. This sleep recliner has the ability to lay flat with 76 inches of room from head to toe, which is perfect for those who prefer to stretch right out. It’s great for people looking for a recliner that turns into a bed. However, with the dual motor function you can position the chair in any configuration you like.

Similar to the Perfect Sleep Chair, the Catnapper is made in the USA. I know a lot of you are willing to pay a little more knowing you’re getting a quality product from the USA rather than a cheap knockoff from overseas.

When looking for a sleeping recliner chair, comfort is the number one priority. The verdict is in and the Catnapper lives up to the name. One satisfied customer said “This is the most comfortable recliner I have ever sat in”.

Unlike the perfect sleep chair, this chair is made with durable woven velvet and comes in 4 different colors. You are bound to find the right one to match your preferences.

Although this is a great choice, it does not have a heating or massage function. If those qualities are on your list you may consider upgrading to the perfect sleep chair.

If you’re interested in learning more about this chair, click here.

Med Lift Full Sleeper Lift Chair Review

* Best Budget Recliner *

Med Lift Full Sleeper Chair

check price and availability on

This Med Lift Recliner is describe as a full sleeper lift chair. Not only does it lay completely flat for sleeping, but it also has a special mechanism that allows the chair to move up and forward aiding the user in standing. This is a great feature for people that have a hard time propelling themselves into a standing position.

Most recliners on the market are meant for sitting and only lay back so far. This chair however, is designed to lay flat making it one of the best recliners for sleeping. In order to lay flat the chair has to be at least 20 to 25 inches from the wall. Keep this in mind before ordering and make sure you have the required space.

The reviews for this chair are exceptional with most customers rating it 5 stars. The biggest takeaway is the outstanding comfort you will receive from this sleeper recliner chair and the convenient lift function the brings you to your feet if you have any issues getting up and out of a chair.

You’ll also be happy to know that the chair is very easy to operate and you are able to control the leg rest and back of the chair independently. What does this mean for you? Well, you can adjust the positioning of the chair to suite your exact needs and comfort level.

Most recliners have a single control that moves the leg rest and back at the same time and doesn’t allow for such flexibility which means you are stuck in the specific position the chair was designed for.

A slight disadvantage, but not a deal killer.

After careful research we have found one disadvantage with this chair, but it’s not so much a fault with the chair, but with the warehouse shipping and delivery dates being longer then expected. However, some things in life are certainly worth the wait, and such is the case for the Med Lift Recliner Lift Chair.

One thing I would also like to mention, there is no a heat function with this sleeper recliner chair. At this price point, I would expect to see this feature, but it’s not a major disappointment and not something a heating pad can’t fix.

If you think this is the chair for you and would like to learn more, click here.

Best Recliners Under $500

ProLounger Wall Hugger Chair Review

This ProLounger recliner is great for areas where space is limited. A few customers bought them for their RVs. It’s designed in a way that only needs to be 4 inches away from the wall to recline. A true wall hugger by name and function.

It’s also nice to know that the armrests are ultra padded for optimal comfort, with a full-size chaise cushion between the chair and the leg rest to help support your legs. The cushions contain high density foam and polyester fiber.

The chair is wrapped in a faux leather material called Renu leather. It’s a blend of polyester, leather chips, and polyurethane. Although it’s a leather blend, it still looks and feels like top quality leather. It’s also available in microfiber if that’s your thing.

Whether you’re reading your favorite book, watching the tube, or catching some Z’s, this ProLounger wall hugger recliner will provide you with great comfort and relaxation. It will be a great addition to your home.

The reviews for this recliner are fairly mixed with more 4 and 5 star reviews overall. The warranty is a great sign the chair will last a good while. And so it should with the frame being built with laminated hardwood.

Pros and Cons

Cons: It has been noted in some reviews that the chair is small in size, so if you’re on the bigger/taller side, I would suggest considering other options. One customer mentioned it’s a good chair for people under 6 feet tall. The recliner is 68 inches fully reclined, 40 inches from the back of the seat to the footrest, 28 inches from the seat to the top of the recliner.

Some reviewers mentioned the chair started to break down after a few months, while others said it lasted for years. It could be an issue of heavy wear or a bad batch of chairs, but when it comes to recliner chairs, you get what you pay for. You can buy a 5 year warranty if you’re concerned.

Pros: The majority of customers say this chair is extremely comfortable. It also has great lower back support.
Assembly is quick and easy. You’ll have this chair up and ready in under 15 minutes. It comes in 2 separate pieces, so it’s easy to move. The backrest slides over the seat and they lock together. You’ll hear it click together.

Why Buy a Sleeping Recliner Chair?

You might have thought that a sleeping recliner as only a way of flexing your tired muscles, but they’re of greater importance than you thought. Below are some of the ways a sleeping recliner chair may benefit your body.

1. Sleeping on a bed is not ideal for you

Whether you experience pain or just find it hard to sleep in a bed, you may want to try sleeping in a recliner. Personally, I find it easier to fall asleep in a chair over a bed, but I think that’s mostly because of my wife (hopefully she doesn’t read this haha). But honestly, recliners are a lot more comfortable.

2. Relieve achy joints

Those who suffer from the discomfort of achy joints should consider buying a sleeping recliner. This is because the recliner chairs tend to allow better circulation and keep the muscle pulling downward and angling the joints correctly. A sleeping recliner chair also keeps the muscle pulling downwards.

3. Comfort benefits

A recliner chair performs a variety of functions. The chair should have a cushioned seat made with a soft, easy to clean fabric. It has the capability to adjust into various positions such as feet up for watching television and reading. It also has a supportive back with a long leg rest to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be.

4. Relieves stress

According to studies, stress causes a wide range of health problems. Some of the problems triggered include heart disease, asthma, depression, and headaches. Many doctors and physicians recommend getting at least an hour of rest outside your bedroom every day. A recliner chair lets you rest without having to sleep. This results in the elevation of stress leading to an improved health and mood.

Final Thoughts

Buying a good recliner chair can be beneficial for people with medical conditions in addition to being comfortable. So it is worth purchasing one of the recliners below.

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  2. Julie LaPierre says:

    My Mother has slept in a recliner 5 years. She recently got a chair like this which someone gave her from a family member who did not need it. The chair is awesome. However is there a chair that tilts every so often like beds that tilt to relieve pressure on the buttocks and sacrum? My Mom went to the hospital and stayed 11 days using their sub par recliner to sleep and even with my close eye and staying with her ( I’m an RN) she came home with a small bedsore on her sacrum. Just wondered about recliners that tilt side to side every so often to prevent bed sores/ wounds?

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