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Top 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain in 2018

best recliner for back pain

When back pain strikes, it can be very difficult for you to function and perform your regular activities. This is why aside from getting proper treatment, the best recliners for back pain will help ease the discomfort you are experiencing. Neck, shoulder, and back pain is undesirable collateral damage from my job as a caregiver. Repositioning residents in bed can easily put a strain on my back for days or even weeks. Using proper body …

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Sleeping Recliner Chair: Get a Better Sleep Tonight

Sleeping Recliner Chair

A sleeping recliner chair is often a great alternative for elderly, disabled, or injured folks who have certain medical conditions that don’t mesh well with sleeping in a bed. However, some of you may not even have a medical condition and just prefer sleeping in a recliner chair. I know I do, and if I had to choose my favorite sleeper recliner, it would have to be the Catnapper Burns. It’s hands down the best …

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