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Patient Transfer Techniques You Need to Know When Caring for Your Patient

If you’re the type of person who needs to transfer patients frequently it’s important that you know the most common patient transfer techniques and that you also know how to use them. We’ll talk about the different steps that it’s going to take to get your patient from one location to another, and we’ll make sure that you have the opportunity to help your patients. Most Common Patient Transfer Techniques So, just what are the …

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Sit to Stand Lift: Safe and Easy Patient Transfer

Sit to stand lift

Lifting devices, like a sit to stand lift, are a great solution for people with mobility problems. They are designed to make the act of sitting, standing, and moving easier for people that can’t walk on their own – making these the perfect lifting device for elderly patients that can bear weight, but have trouble walking. They’re also great for people with disabilities or those who’ve had surgery. People with have back problems, arthritis, injuries …

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