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Gait Belt: How to Use A Gait Transfer Belt Properly

Gait Belt; How to Use a Gait Transfer Belt Properly

Any caregiver knows that ensuring the patient safety when being transported is one of the most important things that you can possibly do. That’s why a gait belt is so important. But just what should you know about a gait belt? How to use one? How it fits onto the patient? How it actually helps? We’re going to talk about all of these things as well as a lot more. That way, when it comes …

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Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Review

Lumex Stand Assist Review

If you work in the medical profession or if you are the caregiver for an individual or family member with mobility problems you are likely looking at all of the medical devices out there and trying to decide what product will help with transferring.  You’ve probably spent a lot of time doing research and you’re teying to decide if the Lumex stand assit is the best option for your situation. After all, you want to …

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