How Wide is a Hospital Bed? (FAQ)

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If you’re going to be putting a hospital bed in your home you want to be sure that you know just how much space it’s going to take up.

Well, in general, a hospital bed has a standard size. This means you shouldn’t have a problem clearing the space and making sure that you can get it into your room or even that you can get it out of the room if you need to.

For some, this is important even after they have the bed set up.

Now, a hospital bed actually comes in two different sizes that are considered industry standard.

The ‘standard’ size is the one that you will find in most hospitals and these are generally the easiest ones to find.

The next common size is a bariatric bed, which is designed for those who need a little bit more space to work with and this one will give more length as well as width.

No matter which of these sizes you’re looking for, we have the information that you need right here so you can get the right one and make sure it’s going to fit in the space that you have available.

The Size of a Standard Hospital Bed

When it comes to a standard hospital bed you’re looking at a width of 36”.

Now, if you have an older house this could be a bit of a problem because doors didn’t used to be 36” wide.

Most older homes have doors that were created to accommodate a single adult, walking through them.

They are generally 32” or less. This means that you would be required to take the bed into the room unassembled (and sideways) and then disassemble it again if you ever needed to remove the bed from the room.

If you have a newer or updated home then you may be able to get the bed in and out of the room without much trouble because larger doors are more in favor then the past.

The American Disabilities Act (ADA), states that door openings need to be at least 32” wide when fully open.

In some cases, a 32″ door will still be too small because when fully open, the door may be in the way.

Have you ever had to bring a fridge inside the door? You would think a 32″ door would allow it to slide right in, but the actual opening it’s closer to 30 1/2″ to 31″.

The door has to be popped off the hinges before the fridge will fit. That’s not an ideal circumstance for a person with a disability.

This is a new code because of the width of equipment such as wheelchairs for those who require them.

Now, keep in mind that some beds will be wider than this because of the way that they are made and the additional support that may be located on the sides of the bed.

If you have an aftermarket bed rail, for example, this might stick out wider than the sides of the bed.

The Size of a Bariatric Hospital Bed

A bariatric bed is one that is designed to accommodate larger patients who may weigh more than a standard bed is built to accommodate or may be taller than a standard bed.

These are typically 54” in total width, but they can be made larger if necessary.

This means, there will likely be no house that has doors wide enough to get this bed through.

You may be able to get it in through a front door if you have a double door or into a garage, but once assembled it will not be able to be moved anywhere else in the home.

A bariatric size hospital bed is required to be disassembled and moved as needed.

If you have to put the bed into a different room of your house you will need to take it back apart and move it that way.

It’s generally best if you can find a single place to assemble this bed and then keep it there for as long as you need it in your home.

If you can avoid moving it at all you’re going to be in the best shape.

Take Measurements 

If you’re looking to put a hospital bed in your home you want to make sure that you measure the inside of the doors that you have.

Keep in mind that when your house was built is not a guarantee of how wide the doors are.

Also, you need to have the right amount of space inside the doorframe and you should account for a bed that might be slightly wider than the dimensions that we mentioned here.

These are only considered general estimates and they are based on the industry standard for each type of bed.

This does not mean that every manufacturer will make the bed the same way.

For those who have narrower doors it does not mean that you can’t use one of these types of beds.

It means that you will not be able to move the bed into and out of a room. If this is going to be a problem you may need to find a central space where you can put the hospital bed so that the individual who needs it will be able to be in the space they will need the most.

Keep in mind that the bed will need to be dismantled in order to be put anywhere else.

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