How Long is a Hospital Bed?

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How long is a hospital bed?

If you’re looking to put a hospital bed in your home you want to make sure that it’s going to fit, right? And when it comes to the length of a hospital bed you want to measure out things like the room you’re going to put it in and the length of your hallways and open spaces, right?

Well, we’ve taken a look at standard and bariatric size hospital beds and we’ve laid out just how much space you’re going to need in your home to accommodate them.

Now, keep in mind that a standard bed is the one that you will usually see in hospital rooms. This is the bed that most people need however it is not the only one out there. A bariatric bed is another option and it is used for patients who are taller or slightly larger and would not be comfortable in a standard size bed.

Both of these beds are discussed below, so make sure that you’re looking at the information for the correct size bed and then make sure you have enough space available for it.

The Size of a Standard Hospital Bed

A standard hospital bed is 80” in length. This means that if you are moving the bed directly into a room it doesn’t need a lot of space to move straight from one room to the next.

If you need to make it around a corner, however, you’re going to need to account for 80” across the space to be able to turn the bed and make it around the corner and into a doorway.

A standard hallway in a house does not easily accommodate this without moving the bed into another room and around a few times.

Making a multiple point turn might be necessary for these purposes. If you have wider hallways, however, or if you can move it directly to a room without going into a hallway, you will be able to more easily get the bed from one room to another.

On the other hand, you will also need to account for any additional equipment that is attached to the bed. These can generally be removed, however you may need to remember to do this before moving the bed.

Also, keep in mind that it will be even more difficult to move the bed if the patient is in it at the time.

The Length of a Bariatric Hospital Bed

On the other hand, a bariatric hospital bed is quite a bit larger than a standard in most ways. It is 94” in total length, for example. This means you are going to need even more space to be able to complete a turn with this type of bed. You will not be able to do it merely with a standard, narrow hallway.

You will either need to make a multiple point turn or you will need to take the bed into room that is directly in line with the room or hallway that you are coming from.

Unfortunately, obesity in the country is severely increasing and this type of bed is longer (and wider) to accommodate larger patients and will make it more comfortable for them.

The difficulty in getting it into a room means that it is generally best if you can assemble this bed in the room that it will be used in. If you can then you will be able to easily load your patient into the bed. It will generally need to be disassembled in order to get the bed from that room to another room, however.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you’re looking to put a hospital bed in your home make sure that you’re looking at the dimensions of your hallways and doorways. Keep in mind that you need to be able to get the bed through the front door and into the room that it’s going to be set up in.

The best thing is generally to measure each of these spaces and figure out how you’re going to get the bed you need into the correct room before you attempt to do it. Nothing is worse than realizing you’re stuck and so is that bed you need.

You may need to disassemble the bed in order to get it into the space. If you have a small room that it needs to go into this could be difficult, however it may help you to get the bed more easily into the room.

Keep in mind that you don’t need 80” or 94” straight across (though that would make it easiest). What you need is a way to get that length through the doorway, which may be achieved by turning the bed at an angle or by using another room that may be across from the first. There are different ways to make these bed lengths work for getting into the space you’re planning on

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