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How to Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents

how to deal with stubborn aginig parents

It can be a heart wrenching situation to cope with – looking at your once independent and capable parents one day be ruined by age and become totally dependable upon you. It can drain you emotionally, physically, and financially. I’m sure the list goes on. To be completely honest, I dread the day my dad needs help with his daily care. I know it’s a selfish thing to say, but he’s as stubborn as they …

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Can I claim my elderly parent as a dependent on my taxes?

Can I Claim My Elderly Parent as a Dependant on My Taxes?

Taking care of your elderly parents isn’t a cheap undertaking, especially if they need special equipment to help take care of them. If they aren’t working and have no benefits or pension to rely on, you would have to cover any costs. I always wondered how we would afford the extra cost if it came down to my wife and I taking care of our own parents, along with our growing family. My dad is …

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