Why Buy a Hospital Bed for Home Use?

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senior lady in hospital bedAs our bodies grow and become more fragile, comfort becomes a huge priority. This is why when we are able to get a sense of comfort in our homes; we are at our happiest moments. Having a hospital bed in your home is incredibly advantageous especially for people who are bed ridden or recovering from a medical procedure. If you’re looking for the best hospital beds for home use, you’re in the right place! 

Hospital beds offer innumerable advantages over regular beds which make it essential for patients who are bed ridden. The beds maximize comforts for patients who use them for an extended period of time and their customizable features make adjusting specific parts of the bed to be very simple.

Furthermore, having a hospital bed at home can be very useful for adult children with the responsibility of taking care of their parents at home. Hospital beds with the addition of those that are designed specifically to be used at home can provide great benefits for caregivers and also patients.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a
Hospital Bed for Home Use

Having known the different types of hospital beds and how they function, it is essential to look at the reasons as to why they should be bought for home use and the advantages that they pose when used at home. The following are some of the main reasons as to why they should be bought for home use:

1. Better positioning for patients

It is commonly known that when people spend extended periods of time in bed, the pressure exerted by the beds on their bodies causes their skin tissues to become trapped between the bone and the bed surface. For this reason, pressure sores or bed sores are caused. Hospital beds however provide an effective solution as they enable the users to make adjustments to the bed’s positioning. This allows them to shift the pressure exerted by the bed from one part of the body to the other. Moreover, individuals who are at the risk of bed sores should ensure that they have the correct choice of mattresses so as to select one that will reduce friction.

2. Improved circulation

Unlike regular beds, hospital beds allow users to alter and also adjust the bed to better position their heads and also their feet. It is for this reason that there will be periodic change to the pressure points on the body and hence improves the patient’s blood circulation while in bed. These slight changes and alterations of the hospital beds allows for more movements which helps in facilitating the flow of blood evenly in all parts of the body. This is in contradiction to the regular beds which do not have the same alterations or adjustments.

3. Side railings

The addition of side rails to a hospital bed primarily prevents the patient from accidentally rolling out of bed. Furthermore, rails also give the patient something to grab onto in the process of getting into or out of the bed. This makes the process much easier especially for the individuals who struggle into and out of bed. Because of the fact that the side rails prevent accidental falling of the patients out of the bed, the risk of patients having bruises as a result of accidental falling is reduce and hence facilitates the recovery process of the patients. In case the patient would also like to stand up or even support himself in any way, the side rails act as the supporting stands.

4. Caregiver assistance

Hospital beds enable caregivers to adjust or even elevate their patients to a level at which they can care for them without straining their own bodies in the process. In this way, caregivers do not experience the problem of back pain as a result of frequent bending to administer care. This is advantageous both to the caregiver and the patient because the comfort ability of the caregiver while administering care improves the quality of the care that the patient receives and in that way also promoting a quick recovery.

5. Ease of moving

Moving hospital beds to different locations is much easier as compared to regular beds; this is because they are on wheels. Regular beds require much more efforts to be moved. With a hospital bed, you simply push the bed to different parts of a room so as to give room for wheelchairs, commodes and a variety of medical equipments. The hospital beds for this reason are favorable in whatever size of the room since adjustments can be made for it to fit the room unlike the regular beds which require a spacious room.

6. Adjustable bed heights

The caregiver and the patient acquire flexibility that can aid in many circumstances since they have got the ability to raise and lower the overall height of the bed. Being able to adjust the bed to the desired height is a great benefit for patients who have got trouble sitting down from a standing position. For care givers, raising the bed to a height that is comfortable to work can alleviate backaches and in so doing, the care giver does not have to strain while carrying out his work. This advantage in most cases brings out the best out of the care giver which is to the patient’s advantage.

7. Transferring

Hospital beds make the problem of getting in and out of bed an easier exercise. This is because they have the ability to raise the patients higher or lower. This feature allows patients to sit up and get out of bed in a position with relative ease. For instance, people who could be experiencing hip and knee problems typically look to be seated with those joints at an angle that is greater than ninety degrees. This helps them to get into a standing position comfortably. Hospital beds allow users to do so with safety and ease which registers another advantage of hospital beds over the regular beds.

8. Safety

People who suffer from conditions that require a caregiver’s monitoring or occasional restrains require hospital beds. People who are living with dementia or other cognitive impairments have got the risk of falling out of bed. However bed rails found in hospital beds reduce the risk of fractures due to falls. While full-length bed rails are a necessity for some patients, many people use rails as an assist while getting in and out of bed or to even re-position them in bed. These patients therefore do not require the re-strain of a full-length rail. This explains why hospital beds have full and half rail options.

9. Ability to adjust head and feet

Patients that have back problems, difficulty in breathing and problems with mobility are able to change the elevation of head or even the feet so as to make them feel more comfortable. In this way, they also have the ability to eat meals, read and even watch TV. Since comfort is the key issue here, the ability to adjust the head and the feet is another added advantage that aims at getting rid of strains that the patient could go through while at a regular bed. The fact that this also allows the patient to take meals is a great assurance for assistance in quick recovery.

10. Mattresses can be washed

Hospital beds are produced with mattresses that have washable vinyl that can be scrapped, disinfected and washed in case of accident occurrence. This is another added benefit since accidents are prone to occur. Furthermore, for a good health, the environment around should be clean. The fact that the mattresses in hospital beds can be washed is a great step in ensuring a clean environment since the disease causing micro- organisms in form of germs are done away with.

Top Hospital Bed
Brands for Home

If you’re looking to purchase a hospital bed, look no further. We have gathered the top hospital beds and made a neat comparison chart so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Brand Features
Invacare Full Electric Home Hospital Bed Package w/Innerspring Mattress, Half Rail Set Full motorized control for positioning the upper body, knees, and height of bed.

Package comes with the Invacare bed, innerspring mattress, and rails

Sleep Surface: 80" (L) x 36" (W)

Weight capacity 450lbs

5yr warranty on frame, 2 yr warranty on electrical

Patriot Full-Electric Bed With 1633-Innerspring Mattress And Clamp-On Half Rails No tools needed to assemble.

Full-Electric Bed With 1633-Innerspring Mattress And Clamp-On Half Rails.

Designed and engineered by the same team who develop the GF Long Term Care beds.

Maximum patient weight 350 lbs

Drive Medical Full Electric Ultra Light
Hospital Bed

Includes bed, mattress, headboard and footboard, heavy duty rails.

Motor features quiet smooth operation with hand control for positioning of upper body, knees and bed height for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Weight Capacity: 450lbs

4 Options to Choose From

Types of Hospital Beds

Just like any other device, hospital beds come in different types and brands. However, there are some basic features that all the hospital beds share in common. Some of these features include; an articulating frame that allows adjustment of the head and foot of the bed, a headboard, a footboard, a mattress and side rails of any type. Hospital beds that do not have all these features are therefore not considered for prior authorization. The following is a list of some of the main types of hospital beds.

Fixed-height hospital bed – this is the one that allows manual adjustments to the elevation of the head and the leg but not the height. This type of bed is suitable for individuals whose medical conditions require positioning of the body in ways that are not feasible in an ordinary bed. It is also favorable for individuals whose medical conditions require special positioning to alleviate pain and is also essential to elevate the head of the bed thirty or more degrees most of the time due to congestive heart failure or chronic pulmonary disease.

Variable-height hospital bed – this type of hospital bed allows manual adjustments to the height as well as to the head and led elevations. This type is essential for consideration if an individual meets the criteria for a fixed height hospital bed and requires a bed height that is different from a fixed height in order to permit transfers in and out of the bed to a chair or even a standing position.

Semi-electric hospital bed – this is a hospital bed that allows manual adjustments to the height and also electric adjustments to head and leg elevation. This type is considerable for prior authorization if the individual meets the criteria for a fixed height hospital bed and has got a condition that requires frequent changes in body position or might even require an immediate change in body position so as to avert a life threatening situation.

Fully-electric hospital beds – these ones are perfect to increase bedroom mobility for patients. They improve a patient’s ability to enjoy a better quality of life with more comfort. They help patients to sit up, elevate certain body sections and help them get out of bed with great ease. This bed also substantially improves the recovery and the disability time for people who have suffered from an injury.

Hospital Bed Reviews

Invacare Full Electric Home Hospital Bed Review

Invacare full electric hospital bedThis hospital bed is describe as a fully electric, home hospital bed. This model comes complete with a foam mattress and set of half rails, although they have 4 options available, including alternative spring mattress or full bed rails. The rails can also be removed if they’re unnecessary. It’s been on the top of Amazon’s best sellers list and is among the favorites of many satisfied customers. With the majority of reviews at 5 stars, it’s hard to pass this bed up.

You will also like to know that the pendant control is easy to use and provides positioning of the knees and upper body by use of the motor…no cranking is necessary. The height positioning of the bed frame is also controlled with the motor by using the control. Controlling the height of a hospital bed is one of the most essential features as it allows easy and safe transfers using a patient transfer lift and is easier on the caregiver’s back when repositioning the patient.

The overall height of the bed is 23 inches high, not including the mattress. Add approximately 4 to 6.5 inches depending on the type of mattress you choose to buy. The minimum height of the bed (in it’s lowest setting) is 15 inches, again not including the mattress. If your loved one has a history of falling out of bed, Invacare offers a bed that will lower to 9.5 inches making a fall less impactful and less likely to cause injury. We use these high low beds in our nursing homes along with fall mats to prevent broken hips and other serious injuries.

This bed is equipped with durable head and foot board panels that can withstand high impact. They are also scratch resistant meaning they will last longer than some competing beds on the market. The finish on the bed also makes for easy cleaning.

Another great takeaway is how quiet motor is while operating. The reviews speak for themselves in this case with many customers saying it’s very quiet and easy to operate. Lowering the height of the bed is also reasonably quick. The motor is encased in a waterproof enclosure to keep it protected when it comes to cleaning or incontinence issues.

Assembly is relatively easy, although you will need two people to put it together with common tools. It usually comes in 5 boxes with curbside side delivery. Make sure to have help standing by to take it off the truck and assemble.

Lumex Patriot Full Electric Homecare Bed Review

Patriot Full Electric Hospital Bed

The Patriot full electric bed was designed and developed by the team who engineered the Graham Field long term care beds that are used in long term care homes across the country. They’ve taken design and features from these expensive, top of the line beds and modified it for use at home. You get the strengthen and functionality like hospital beds used in nursing home facilities at a fraction of the cost.

Easily raise and lower the height of this bed with the push of a button. The powerful DC motor goes to work quick and quietly allowing you to position the bed at a height you prefer. This is a great benefit for caregivers when performing patient care or changing linens. All bed controls are integrated in a easy to use, 6 button pendant.

The height of the bed can be changed depending on your circumstances. For example, if you have a patient that may fall out of bed, you can change the position of the casters while assembling the bed. If you install the casters in their standard position the bed will have a minimum height of 13 inches and when raise, a maximum height of 23.5 inches. If you need the bed to hug closer to the floor you can install the wheels in it’s low position. This will give the bed a minimum height of 9.5 inches and a maximum height of 20 inches.

You have the option to choose between plastic head and foot board which are considered more high impact or walnut veneered fiberboard bed ends that are more decorative. In both cases, clean up is a breeze.

Unlike the Invacare bed we reviewed, the Patriot only supports a maximum weight of 350lbs, instead of 450lbs. In most situations this will be more than enough support, but if not you may consider the Invacare as an alternative.

This bed is easy to assemble, but it’s important to read the directions and have a friend or 2 handy to help put it together, as there are heavy pieces.

There are mixed reviews on the quality of the provided mattress. One customer said it was “fairly good”, while another said “it was a joke”. You may consider purchasing a separate mattress, as personal preference varies from one individual to the next.

I’d finally like to mention that the customer service at Lumex is top notch. They will stop at nothing to please their customers.

Best Hospital Beds for the Money

Final Thoughts

Aside from the above advantages, hospital bed users can choose between manual and electric beds depending on their condition and the length of time that they are going to stay in them. Hospital beds are therefore very important to an individual who has them for home use. Since comfort is the main issue in question, a good quality mattress pad or topper are what you need in your hospital bed so as to achieve the comfort that you require.

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