Top 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain in 2018

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best recliners for back pain

I think we both agree that back pain sucks. After careful consideration, I found the best recliner for back pain. The reviews are exceptional.

When back pain strikes, it can be very difficult for you to function and perform your regular activities. This is why aside from getting proper treatment, the best recliners for back pain will help ease the discomfort you are experiencing.

Neck, shoulder, and back pain is undesirable collateral damage from my job as a caregiver. Repositioning residents in bed can easily put a strain on my back for days or even weeks. Using proper body mechanics helps prevent some pain, but unfortunately it’s not enough.

If you’re in a hurry, you can check out our pick for the best recliner for back pain or continue reading for more recommendations and reviews.

Resting your body on such type of chair offers a massaging effect on your back, which is just what you need to loosen the muscles and achieve a sense of relief.

Here, we feature the best recliners for back pain available on the market today. Learn more about their key features, benefits, and what makes them worth your precious dollar.

After careful research we have selected the…

Top 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner

Best Recliner for back pain

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Recliner with zero gravity, body scan, heat.

  • Zero Gravity
  • Built-in Heat
  • Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage
  • Back Stretch

I have to give credit where credit is due. The team at Medical Breakthrough has designed a recliner for back pain like no other on the market.

Mostly due to the fact that the chair itself was created by a team of medical professionals including doctors and back specialists.

The unique feature of this chair is its ability to adapt to anyone’s preferences, including your preferred level of recline as well as the type and strength of massage you enjoy.

There’s very little this chair can’t do. Virtually any setting can be adjusted to meet your comfort level.

If unlimited customization wasn’t enough, the Medical Breakthrough recliner chair will scan your body when you first sit down. You heard that right.

The technology in this chair is a beast. After it scans your body’s position it will set the massage rollers just where you need them, allowing the chair to dish-out user focused massages. Making it a truly custom massage experience.

Massage options on this bad boy are near endless. You’ll be happy to know that it comes with 6 massage programs using a variety of massage styles. Shiatsu and kneading are only 2 of 5 programmed massaging styles available. You can find the other 3 massage styles here.

You can also store your favorite settings between each session using its memory function. It’s a great feature to have if you wish to save your preferred position and massage settings between multiple users.

Another great feature included in this chair is its zero gravity benefits. Basically it will evenly distribute your body weight over the chair, making you feel almost weightless.

One more great feature I can’t forget to mention is the chiropractic back stretch. The chair has airbags that inflate and hug your hips allowing a gentle stretch to relieve your tight, sore back muscles.

Osaki 4000T Therapeutic Massage Chair Recliner

  • High Tech Shiatsu Massager
  • Body Scan Therapy
  • Zero Gravity Technology
  • Soothing Heat

It’s truly incredible what this chair can do. When you sit down in your comfy new Osaki 4000T massage chair, it will electronically scan the shape of your body and position the massage rollers exactly where they need to go to deliver a truly custom massage.

It will provide the most relaxing massage you’ve ever had by mapping the position of you legs and back. This offers a targeted massage, customized for each person.

Customization is a key feature in these types of chairs, and with this kind of price tag, you’d expect it! The Osaki 4000T offers 6 types of massage at 5 different levels of intensity. Making it great for new users allowing them to work up to a higher intensity.

Your back pain will melt away when using this chair. It will reduce the burden your body faces while it competes with the force of gravity – constantly pushing down on your tired muscles.

You can achieve this by using the zero gravity features of this chair. Select one of 2 zero gravity reclining positions and the chair will take you into completely weightless state.

While you’re nestled in this position you can soak in the radiant heat and soothing vibration. It’s time to melt away all your tense muscles and relieve your back pain.

This chair provides a realistic massage closely mimicking that of human touch. Using 32 airbags, it will massage your whole body from head to toe.


HomElegance Glider Recliner Chair

Homelegance Reclining Chair
If you want to take it up another notch, this recliner chair is a fine investment at a little under $400. It features a gliding motion when not reclined, which adds to the relaxation that this recliner brings. Made of faux leather and bi-cast vinyl for the body, you will appreciate the elegant appearance of this stunning seat that is gentle and supportive to your back.

This glider recliner chair has a plush seating, which is not quite typical with this kind of furniture. Nevertheless, this material offers a contemporary look to your home and matches any type of interior design. As an extra feature, there is a nail head accent for the trimming that gives a traditional look to the chair.

You can choose from two colors for this recliner chair such as brown and black. These are classic colors that are versatile enough for pairing the furniture with other shades. Most importantly, it works just as expected and comes with sturdy materials that are sure to last for years.

You can learn more about this chair here

HomCom Heated Vibrating Deluxe Leather Massage Recliner

HomCom Massage Recliner Chair

Not too eager about the idea of breaking the bank for a recliner chair? Then, this product is an outstanding option to consider. At around $300, it is a good deal considering you are getting the level of comfort and support you need for your back. Even at a relatively cheap price tag, you can expect to receive total satisfaction and value for your money by investing on this recliner. All the basic features of a recliner are found in this product, which is just what you want to minimize back pain.

After a tough day at work, or whenever your back is feeling a little tight, it helps to get some pampering from this recliner chair. It has a massaging component that eliminates the tight areas on your back. It feels quite like having a private masseuse, as long as you have this recliner lounge chair at home.

As you sit back on this chair, you can focus of four different areas for a soothing massage such as the thighs, legs, lumbar, and the upper back. There are also 5 different modes for selecting a preset massage. This enables you to target any pain or discomfort effectively, plus the fact that there are heated vibrating nodes to massage your body. If you experience muscle stiffness, the heated nodes should be able to address this type of condition properly.

If you’re interested in this chair you can find out more here.

Serta Plush Lift Chair and Recliner

More on the expensive side, the Serta Plush recliner and lift chair gives you the best of both worlds – a soothing recliner and massage chair in one. It even comes with all the bells and whistles that make up a premium recliner. So, at nearly $1000, you should be able to expect being treated as royalty the moment you rest your body on this chair.

The exterior does not fall short of perfection. It is made of premium quality fabric that complements the motif in your home. In fact, the cover is elegant and sophisticated, so you will be able to match this piece of furniture easily with other elements and accessories.

In terms of functionality, this recliner is indeed feature-rich. The foam is gel-infused to match the contours of your body, while the “Cool Action” component enhances the level of comfort you get as you sit on the chair. For your convenience, there is a hand-held remote for ease in activating all the features. If you want to listen to music as you get your massage, just plug in your ipad or iphone to the USB port found on the remote.

Golden Technologies Comfort Lift Chair

This luxurious recliner chair by Golden Technologies is available in five different sizes to meet the needs of various users. It can hold up to 375 pounds and provide ample room for a person as tall as 6 feet 8 inches. With a price tag of $935, it is rather steep such as the Serta recliner chair. However, its impressive capabilities makes it a practical buy for its price.

If you suffer from serious back pains that limit your movement, this lift chair is a life saver. In fact, it is recommended for individuals who can barely move because of an arthritic hip, spine, or strained muscle. By selecting the right option in the control panel, standing up or stooping lower should not be a problem.

For aesthetic purposes, these recliners come in different styles and colors to match your home’s interior design. You can also purchase smaller or extra large sizes of chair to meet your specific needs. With these lifted recliners, you get total support on your back and a smoother transition minus the jerking movements.

Be sure to check out the best recliners for back pain as presented in this post, so you can experience maximum comfort and relief from your condition

3 Responses to Top 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain in 2018

  1. Dave Anderson says:

    I have realized that recently I have been experiencing a lot of back pain and my wife thinks that it is from the recliner that I sit in every day. I didn’t even know that a recliner could cause back pain but now that I know that there are recliners that can help to counter and fight back pain with proper ergonomic features I am going to have to buy one. That way I can make sure that my back gets the attention that it needs so I can be as productive as possible.

  2. David Wilson says:

    Hello dear, I have back pain also, but I’m also short (5’1 3/4”) and it’s hard to find a recliner that fits properly. Most also force my head to be leaning forward which very uncomfortable also. I’m looking for one that has good support, my feet can touch the floor, and comfortable. Would also like to have it in leather. Any suggestions?

    • Cody says:

      Hi David, for the criteria you’re looking for I would suggest the CANMOV Rocker Recliner Chair (aff link). It’s made with bonded leather and has 2 colors to choose from. If you look at the image with the dimensions, you’ll notice the chair will fit you perfectly and the head cushion isn’t overstuffed like many chairs I’ve seen. It also has a great rating by Amazon customers. I haven’t tried this chair myself, but the customer reviews speak for themselves. Hope this helps!


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