Best Portable Massage Chair in 2018

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Best Portable Massage Chair?

Best Portable Massage Chair

If you are searching for the best portable massage chair on the market, you have come to the right place. With different brands of portable chairs available, it’s important to do your research properly when purchasing the best massage chair on the market.

There are many things that you need to consider when selecting the right chair for your practice. Your budget plays an important part when choosing the best portable chair on the market.

But the price is not the sole denominator when buying a quality product. If you spend a little more on a quality product, you can use it for a longer time compared to buying a cheap chair.

The construction material and size of the chair are also important. The best product should be lightweight but larger enough to cater to clients that are taller. The brand of the product also plays an important part in this regard.

Your clients will feel like they are getting a better service when you use a high-quality and popular brand of chair. These are important things to consider when investing in a good portable massage chair on the market.

5 Best Portable Massage Chairs

Stronglite ErgoPro Massage Chair

best portable massage chairThis is an advanced portable massage chair on the market today. The product is luxurious and useful at the same time. That is because the chair is designed by a group of top massage therapists in the country while keeping the client in mind. It has a removable face pillow and fully adjustable platform. The carry case protects the chair from scrapes and damages as well as makes it easy to transport the product.

The design of the chair is quite comfortable with the rounded pads. The massage chair will support 600 pounds of working weight as well as 1,200 pounds of static weight. The height of the chair is adjustable to suit the therapist’s height. The product is only 19 pounds and easy to carry due to the lightweight.

Custom Craftworks Melody Massage Chair

craftworks melody massage chairThis chair has a functional design that adjusts at every point to guarantee the maximum comfort of your client. The product weighs only 18 pounds and sets up and folds in minutes for easy portability. The chair comes with a carry case to pack and transport it conveniently.

It also has a removable sternum pillow and a pouch to store the jewelry and eyeglasses of your clients. The load rating is given as 300 pounds. Many clients have reviewed the chair positively stating that it is sturdy, lightweight, and affordable.

Master Massage Apollo Massage Chair

master massage portable massage chairThis is another high-quality portable massage chair on the market today. It has a sturdy construction thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum frame. That is why the chair can accommodate up to 650 pounds of weight. It also has a support weight of 1,200 pounds. You won’t have to worry about rust and scratches when you invest in this product because it is electronically powder coated. Even with all these sturdy features of the frame – it is still lightweight.

The chair comes with a two-inch multi-layer cell foam which has a higher density. This makes the chair very comfortable compared to most of the other portable massage chairs on the market. The rhino hide upholstery is another unique feature of this chair. It is quite tough and abrasion proof at the same time. This makes the Apollo one of the most durable massage chairs on the market today.

Dr. Lomilomi Professional Portable Massage Chair

Dr. Lomilomi professional portable massage chairThis is a mid-range massage chair that comes with a great price tag. The product was designed as a multi-purpose chair for both tattoo and massage spas. It comes with a sturdy frame made of iron and polyester powder coating – which gives a matte finish to the final product.

The cushioning is made of high-quality PU leather – which is stain and waterproof. The chair is easily adjustable while withstanding a weight of 300 pounds. That is why you need to invest in a top-quality portable massage chair without delay.

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