Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews 2018

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Looking for the Best Massage Chair Pad?

For many people with back pain or for those who simply want to ease stress, a massage chair pad or a massage chair is a fantastic investment.

However, massage chairs can be very pricey, especially if one is looking at the top of the range. The alternative is a massage chair pad – and many people have enjoyed the benefits of this massage device – without the big sticker prices of a full massage chair.

The advantages of finding the best massage chair pad are numerous. Firstly they fit onto any chair, secondly they’re light, which means they can be moved around the house and even taken on vacation and as mentioned they offer exceptional value for money.

So if you are in the market for a massage chair pad you may be wondering – what are some of the leading brands and models that you should be considering?

Nursal Back Massager

nursal massage chair padThis product is described as a ‘Shiatsu massage seat cushion with a heat function’.

This massage chair pad has received constantly superior reviews from consumers. It features a neck massaging function with 4 rollers and a number of modes that will suit every user. The shiatsu back massaging function is highly effective at relieving both stress and pain. The back massage nodes can be set to travel up and down the back or positioned by the user and there are number of setting including vibrate and a wave function.

The seat also has three levels of massage intensity. A great buy.

Gideon Massage Cushion

This premium product is described by the manufacturer as a luxury 6 program cushion with fully customizable back & neck massaging functions.

Offering the luxury of four nodes for shiatsu style neck and back massage and a fully customizable neck, back and shoulder massage gideon luxury massage chair padexperience this is a top drawer massage pad. The nodes can be set to target specific areas of the back and neck using the attached controller while the massage is taking place. An optional heating function takes the massage experience to new levels.The seat has two vibration settings.

The pad also features a ‘rolling massage’ function for extra effectiveness. This pad with its heating function is perfect for relieving the stress of even the most tired and drained executive.

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion

The manufacturer describes this cushion as having a heat function and providing a deep kneading and rolling action designed for full back pain relief.

Tnaipo shiatsu back massager cushionhe perfect solution for those with back pain this cushion / pad features a fully customizable back massage experience.

The user can tailor the massage to target lower, mid or upper back and the kneading action reaches deep into muscle groups to bring about immediate relief. It features three levels of vibration on the seat cushion and a heating function. The manufacturer claims that it mimics a real shiatsu massage experience. A great buy at the price for those who suffer from back pain.

Sable Massage Chair Pad

This product is described as a ‘back massage Shiatsu seat cushion’.

sable massage chair seat padThis product consistently scores a solid five stars on some of the best online retail stores. Consumers are attracted to the action of the massage which can be classified as kneading and pressing action which targets neck, back and buttocks.

The heating function is set at 113° F / 45° C which is ideal for boosting blood circulation. According to the manufacturer this comes very close to providing a spa like experience – but only in 5 minutes.

The remote can be used to set targeting for the three different areas and also controls the 4 shiatsu nodes which can be positioned for ultimate relief. The fact that this cushion / pad consistently scores so highly with buyers means that it should be a real contender for anyone in the market for a massage chair pad.

Naipo Back Massager Chair

This product is described as a full body massage seat cushion pad.

This fantastic massage has a full 8 nodes to ensure the ultimate in luxury massage experiences. Targeting the neck and back the deep kneading action is highly effective and in addition this is massager that can be used not only to target the back and neck – but also the shoulders, thighs and legs.

naipo back massager chair padThe heating function a three level settings for vibration – both of which target the neck and back promote blood circulation and provides a soothing shiatsu experience.

The remote allows the user to select heating, kneading action or / and vibration to provide immediate relief from pain and stress.

An additional attraction is the air bags which are built in to the cushion. These can be used to apply compression massage to the hips and waist further enhancing the functionality of the cushion.

The addition of the compression function makes this an extremely attractive option for those looking for a top of the range massage pad experience. Also scores very highly in consumer feedback reports.

Top 10 Best Massage Chair Pads in 2018

Massage chair pads are ideal for those who suffer from neck and back pain, as well as those who simply want to relax and deal with the stresses of modern day life. They offer value for money relief and proven efficiency.

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