Bed Alarm For Seniors – Saved by the Bell

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Elderly man has fallen. This may have been prevented with a bed or chair alarm.

Have you ever walked into your loved one’s room in the middle of the night and found them helpless on the floor?

The situation is a complete shock to the system.

If you answered yes, you should definitely look into getting a bed alarm for seniors that have trouble walking on their own or have a tendency to fall out of bed.

Let’s spare them from injury and give you peace of mind, shall we 🙂

Check out our pick for the best bed alarm or continue reading for our review below.

My wife and I see falls from time to time in our nursing homes and it’s still quite shocking after all these years.

The amount of things that goes through your head is mind boggling – Are they okay? – What do we do next?

It would happen more often if it wasn’t for the bed alarms we use. They are a great preventative measure.

One way to prevent the elderly from falling out of bed is to use a bed alarm.

Basically, what a bed alarm does is alert you when your parent or spouse attempts to exit their bed. Normally, rolling is ignored by the bed alarm pad, but when they lift their weight off, the bed monitor will be triggered and the bed sensor alarm will sound.

This gives you more time to get to them before they make it completely out of bed, possibly injuring themselves or even risking their life. Using bed alarms for fall prevention is a very smart idea.

Falling out of bed can be a very serious issue for the elderly. If you or I fell out of bed, we`d probably get up and shake it off. The elderly, on the other hand, can get severely injured in the process or could be stuck on the floor for hours waiting for help.

I’ve seen several broken bones and skin tears as a result of falling.

The Best Bed Alarm System – Review

Best Bed Alarm System

Best Wireless Bed Alarm for Elderly

Without a doubt, Smart Caregiver has the best bed alarms on the market, and often at the best prices.

Their wireless bed alarm package is customizable to fit the person you’re caring for which means it’s perfect for patients of all shapes and sizes.

If your patient or loved one weighs 120lbs or more it’s suggested you use a 10×30 bed pad. Patients weighing less than 120lbs need the larger 20×30 bed pad so more of their body weight triggers the pad, making it less likely to set off false alerts.

I’ve witness many times in my nursing home that if the pad is too small the alarm will trigger for the smallest movements.

The other great feature of this bed alarm package is the optional call bell, which gives your patient another way of contacting you. It can be mounted nearby the patient or worn on their person. Mounting supplies included.

The Bed Sensor Pad

Bed Sensor Pad

Bed Sensor Pad

The bed pad itself is designed to be placed under a fitted sheet. The benefit here is the sheet will help keep the alarm in place and is less likely to move.

The pad is made of incontinence resistant vinyl. It’s soft, and made of thin foam, so it won’t disturb the user while sleeping.

Bed Alarm for seniors

Bed Alarm

The Bed Alarm

The bed pad is no good without the alarm itself. You need both to make use of this dynamic duo. Most bed alarms have a wire the goes from the bed sensor pad to the alarm module to link the device, but thankfully this bed alarm is wireless.

The alarm features 3 adjustable volume levels to adapt to your situation and living space. You can set the volume low when you’re awake and raise the volume when you go to bed.

Best Feature

My favorite feature of this Smart Caregiver bed alarm system is the wireless capabilities. The alarm module can be placed up to 100 feet away from the bed pad and call bell, making it less jarring for the patient.

It’s also great cause you can monitor it from a different room in your house allowing the caregiver to move freely around the home.

Power Source

The alarm works off of 3 size ‘C’ batteries, but I highly recommend you buy the optional AC adapter. It will help save on battery costs and the alarm will always have power going to it.

We think this is the best wireless bed alarm for elderly, but we’ve assembled a list of honorable mentions below. These are the best reviewed bed alarms for seniors on amazon.

I won’t go into too much detail about each elderly bed alarm, but they have passed our quality control and have received 4 or more stars according to verified customers.

Each bed exit alarm listed below also include sensor pads that are made from watertight, antimicrobial vinyl, making any of these a great bed alarm for seniors with incontinence issues.

Take a look at each alarm and decide what is best suited for you and your loved one.

Honorable Mentions

How to Use Bed Alarms for Elderly Patients

Setting up a bed alarm for home use is fairly simple and straightforward.

  • Take the sensor pad that comes with the alarm and put it on the mattress that’s being used.
  • Place a fitted bed sheet over the mattress to help keep the bed pad in place.
  • Position the pad under the hips of the user
  • Turn on fall alarm when weight is applied to sensor pad

Problems with Having a Bed Alarm for Seniors

Bed alarms aren’t always perfect. Here are a few issues you may have if you decide to buy one:

  • If your parent or spouse, has a tendency to move a lot while in bed, the bed pad alarm may go off more than desired. If they are a good sleeper, you shouldn’t worry about this. It’s recommended to get a larger sensor pad for users under 120lbs.
  • A bed alarm won’t prevent all falls, but it will certainly decrease the number of them by giving you a head start.
  • The sound is annoying! Hearing the alarm go off is menacing, especially when you’re sleeping yourself, but it’s really a small price to pay to keep your family member safe.

Final Thoughts

Using a bed alarm for the elderly is not only a smart idea, but also a reasonably cost effective investment. We use bed alarms in our nursing home for residents that are at a risk of falling. They help notify us when someone needs assistance. They limit the number of falls drastically.

If you’re looking for bed and chair alarms for elderly patients, you might considered buying a combo pack that includes a monitor, a bed sensor pad, and a chair pad. It could save you a little money upfront if you can see yourself using them both in the future.

Whatever fall prevention alarms you do decide to use, we recommend buying an ac adapter. Most of the alarms we listed above can be powered using  batteries, but using a constant supply of electricity is more reliable than battery power. However, if the power does go out, the batteries do make a good plan b.

A bed alarm costs $50-$150, peace of mind is priceless!

Keep your loved ones safe and pick up a bed alarm for seniors!

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